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Knights overpower Red Raiders 21-0
Recap by James Johnson, Rochester D&C Sports


September 14, 2002 - LE ROY - Most of the time, Joe Shaughnessy has to use his fast feet to gain yards and reach the end zone.

Le Roy football coach Brian Moran trusts his quarterback to put the ball in the air, too. No matter when or how Shaughnessy has to do it, the results are usually good for Le Roy.

The Oatkan Knights handled rival Caledonia-Mumford 21-0 after Shaughnessy ran 81 yards for a touchdown and threw a scoring pass, while Le Roy's defense gave up little at Hartwood Park.

Shaughnessy's long scoring run broke a scoreless tie in the second quarter. That seemed to jump start Le Roy's offense, and late in the second half Shaughnessy lofted a 32-yard pass that Sam DeFazio grabbed with one hand for a touchdown.

"The kid is a good athlete," Cal-Mum coach Mike Monacelli said about Shaughnessy. "He's like a good basketball player.

He'll get his points, he'll find a way to get his team through. We were playing tough with them."

Le Roy senior Joe Cosimeno put the Red Raiders in a deeper hole when he returned a punt 47 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, the Oatkan Knights' defense was stingy. Cal-Mum finished with 88 yards of total offense.

Le Roy's Jake Syracuse had three sacks and Don Miller, another defensive lineman, had 10 tackles.

"They flew to the ball well," Moran said. "Team speed was key for us."

Le Roy's defense concerned itself with Cal-Mum's Rickey Riddle and limited the fast-moving senior running back to four yards on 11 carries. The punters were the impact players until the final 4 minutes, 48 seconds of the second quarter.

Shaughnessy, who finished with 152 yards on 9 rushes, faked a handoff and ran 81 yards along his team's sideline to reach the end zone after a late block by Brendan Fulmer.

"There's going to be nerves in a Le Roy/Cal-Mum game," Shaughnessy said. "We all settled down in the second quarter. There wasn't much to it. There wasn't anyone to tackle me (because of the blocking)."

The Oatkan Knights got the ball back at their 28-yard line with 2:29 left in the half, but it was enough time to stretch their 7-0 lead. Le Roy reached the Cal-Mum 31 with just over 30 seconds left in the half.

"I thought we had to pull out something special and we did," said Shaughnessy, who was 4-for-7 for 92 yards. "DeFazio made an unbelievable catch. I went nuts."

Cal-Mum seemed to catch a break late in the third quarter after recovering a fumble on its own 2, but had to punt.

Cosimeno caught the kick, shed a tackler and had little trouble finding the end zone.

"This is huge," Cosimeno said. "Playing at home against Cal-Mum for the last time, being a senior, there's a lot of emotion for me."


Joe Shaughnessy 9-152 yds, TD
Joe Caccamise 13-46
Joe Cosimeno 9-42
(47 yd punt return for TD)
Andrew Fox 5-29
Shaughnessy 4 of 7
for 92 yds and 1 TD

Brendan Fulmer 3 rec.- 60 yds
Sam DeFazio 1 rec. - 32 yds, TD
Don Miller - 10 tackles
Jeremy Cosimeno - 8
Jake Syracuse - 6 (3 sacks)
Joe Cosimeno - 6
Ken Smith & Andrew Fox - 4 ea.
Total Yardage
LeRoy - 369 yards (277 rush/92 pass)
Cal-Mum - 88 yards (17 rush/71 pass)


Kids and awesome combination...

Steven Cappotelli (left) looks to put the big rush on as
brother Archie prepares to snap the ball to sister Mary

On Saturday morning following the big game against Cal-Mum, I snagged the morning paper outside my front door. I sat on my front porch to read about the game and catch up on the news. Across the street in my quiet neighborhood just a quarter mile from Hartwood Park, 2 young children were playing. I came to realize from their squeals of fun just how much football influences our youth. For out on the lawn across the way a young Archie Cappotelli was running back and forth across his lawn and his neighbor's front lot with a football tucked under his arm oh so tight. I could hear him exclaim, "Shaughnessy runs for a TD!" Here was a 7 year old role playing as a star football player and his choice for the day was none other than LHS senior QB Joe Shaughnessy. Soon he was asking his sister Mary how to run properly and to play catch with him. Not long after, brother Steven would arrive and a 2-on-1 game was on. It was priceless to watch and hear. They varied the snap count, they knew the penalties, they were having a ball. I grabbed my camera and went over to capture the moment. Soon I was hearing who their favorite LeRoy players were...." I like Fulmer"...."My favorite is the guy who caught the ball with one hand (WR Sam DeFazio made a spectacular one-handed grab for a TD in the win over Cal-Mum - you think it left an impression?)." Soon they were showing me the huge field behind their house and asking Dad to put up some goal posts. You know Dad will. People ask how towns like LeRoy and Caledonia consistently produce good football teams year in, year out. Sometimes the answer is right outside your front door.


- These shy people do not wish to be identified as they tailgate in style



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Joe Shaughnessy cuts through a host of Cal-Mum tacklers

Two terrific sophomores meet - LR's Andrew Fox & Cal-Mum's Jeremy Darron

Joe Caccamise ran hard all night for the Oatkan Knights

Jake Syracuse rouses the LeRoy crowd with a timely sack

Joe Shaughnessy sprints 89 yds around right end for the game's first score

The LeRoy crowd responds to Shaughnessy's TD, even Jim Hendron

Jake Syracuse collects another sack of Cal-Mum QB Paul Keeley

Sam DeFazio makes a one-handed grab for TD just before halftime

Joe Cosimeno seals the LeRoy victory with a 47 yd punt return for TD

SCORING SUMMARY - Cal-Mum @ LeRoy - Friday, September 13, 2002
1st Quarter No scoring  
2nd Quarter
Joe Shaughnessy - 81 yd run
Fulmer kick
LR 7 C-M 0
Shaughnessy to DeFazio - 32 yd pass Fulmer kick
LR 14 C-M 0
3rd Quarter
Joe Cosimeno - 47 yd punt return Fulmer kick
LR 21 C-M 0
4th Quarter
No scoring