Knights topple Red Raiders 28-0
Recap by Brian Hillabush, Batavia Daily News Sports

Caledonia - It was evident from the first drive of the game that it was not going to be Caledonia-Mumford's night. The visiting LeRoy Oatkan Knights mounted a 14-play drive that took 7:26 off the clock and was topped off by a 9-yard quarterback keeper by Joe Shaughnessy as they beat rival Cal-Mum 28-0 in Livingston Conference football action Friday (9/14) night in front of 3,000 local fans.

The drive saw LeRoy convert on two fourth-down opportunities and Shaughnessy hit Brendan Fulmer for a 26-yard pass on a third-and-7. "It's a big drive to start the game off," Shaughnessy said. "I thank God that Brendan caught that pass. He did an excellent job."

"I thought that when you're able to run the football a little bit, you put the tight end to one side and you have a kid that's 6-foot-6 and a great athlete, you free him up and there's not a lot of kids in the league that can cover him," LeRoy coach Brian Moran (right) said.

Fulmer then hit his first of four extra points.

The Red Raiders looked like they were going to mount an offensive counter attack when Jon Harrington broke through the line for an 18-yard run on the first play of Cal-Mum's first offensive possession. Pat Williams then went up the middle for five yards.

On the next play, Mark Harrington coughed up the football and Brendan Moran picked it up to give the Oatkan Knights possession at midfield.

"A good defense and a not-so-good offensive night doesn't make for a good combination," Cal-Mum coach Mike Monacelli said. "They did very well and we executed poorly; that's why there is a zero up there (on the Cal-Mum side of the scoreboard)."

LeRoy wound up punting the ball, but the statement had been made. After that, the Red Raiders could not mount much of a drive and were stranded in second and third-and-long situations.

"Any time you get a second-and-long with a running team, the running team wants that to be second-and-5 or second-and-4," Monacelli said. "We didn't execute. We didn't do well enough on the offensive line to be able to make them sweat at all."

LeRoy's next score came with less than a minute left in the first half on a 15-yard pass from Shaughnessy to Fulmer. The keys to the drive were two Rick Laurie (#48 right) rushes that picked up first downs and kept the drive alive. "Laurie is just a tough kid," Moran said. "He ran the football extremely well. I am very proud of his effort today."

The second half was dominated by the LeRoy defense and rushing attack, as well as mistakes by the Red Raiders.

In the third quarter, Cal-Mum committed five penalties, including one for unsportsmanlike conduct and one for having too many men on the field.

Laurie had a 6-yard TD run late in the frame to make the score 21-0.

LeRoy's Joe Cosimeno (#32 left) intercepted a Ryan Hallett pass on the last play of the third quarter.

Cosimeno had a big fourth quarter on the offensive side of the ball. On LeRoy's last possession of the game he ran the ball five times for 42 yards and a score. He was the team's leading rusher with 63 yards.

Laurie had 23 yards and Shaughnessy finished the game with 28 yards on the ground. Shaughnessy (#10 right) added 61 yards passing (6-of-11). "Joe Shaughnessy is a great athlete and we were able to get to the perimeter a little more than we have in the past because of Joe," Moran said. "He threw the ball, ran the offense, and played defense extremely well."

Leading the defense was Bill Fox with eight tackles, Jason Hodge and Jake Syracuse with seven each and Brendan Moran with five as Cal-Mum was limited to just 92 total yards.

For the past four seasons, LeRoy and Cal-Mum have met in the sectionals with the regular season winner losing in the playoffs.

"We don't even think about that jinx or whatever it's called," Fulmer said. "We'll be ready. We're going to just prepare for the rest of the season. We have five more games before the playoffs. If that comes, we will be ready for it."

Joe Cosimeno 11-63 1 TD
Joe Shaughnessy 10-28 1 TD
Rick Laurie 13-23 1 TD
Matt Miller 10-23
Jason Hodge 4-7
Shaughnessy 6 of 11
for 61 yds and 1 TD

Brendan Fulmer 3 rec.- 39 yds/TD
Brendan Moran 3 rec. - 22 yds
Bill Fox - 8 tackles
Hodge & Jake Syracuse - 7 ea.
Moran - 5 & FR
Cosimeno - INT
Syracuse, Ken Smith, Laurie
each with a sack
Total Yardage
LeRoy - 205 yards (144 rush/61 pass)
Cal-Mum - 92 yards (57 rush/35 pass)


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Coach Moran pumps the Knights at start of game

Joe Shaughnessy tallies LeRoy's first TD of the evening

15 yarder from Shaughnessy to Fulmer extends LeRoy lead

Coach Moran acknowledges fine first half play of Knights

Knights are fired up for second half against rival Red Raiders

Rick Laurie adds LeRoy's third score on 5-yard run

Joe Cosimeno's 4-yard TD run makes it 28-0 Knights

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SCORING SUMMARY - LeRoy @ Cal-Mum - Friday, September 14, 2001
1st Quarter      
Joe Shaughnessy - 9 yd run Fulmer kick
LR 7 C-M 0
2nd Quarter
Shaughnessy to Fulmer - 15 yd pass Fulmer kick
LR 14 C-M 0
3rd Quarter
Rick Laurie - 5 yd run Fulmer kick
LR 21 C-M 0
4th Quarter
Joe Cosimeno - 4 yd run Fulmer kick
LR 28 C-M 0