Hotel - outside view

Current image (above) is saved in wrong format (GIF) instead of JPG
(digital photographic compression scheme). Notice "pock marks" in
above image. Image below is more vibrant and could be easily shot
at the same angle as current web site graphic.





Current image (left) is shot from a nice angle but lacks any vitality whatsoever. What
is the object protruding from the left-middle - lighting mechanism?? If the pic on the
left were taken with the lighting/color of the shot on the right, you would do justice to
the majestic elegance of the foyer.





Current image (left) is similar to the troubled foyer shot above. It is shot from a
very nice angle, but is super washed-out. The spur of the moment pic on the right
exudes a least a touch of warmth and rustic charm. The shot to the left taken
with the quality of the right would be the goal.




The image above is the current web site shot of the pool; it is very nicely
composed (great background). It could use a bit of contrast and clarity touch-up.
Below is the same shot "cleaned up" with Adobe Photoshop. The image should be posted
on the site as a JPG, not a GIF (as it currently is).



Hotel - inside

The image above hardly makes one feel the rustic beauty of the rooms. The rooms
require a wide-angle shot to display the majority of their contents. Wide-angle
shots result in a fish-eyed view (similar to the room pic currently on the site).

The easiest solution here would be to shoot a digital 360-degree tour of the room.
This is the kind of imagery that Nothnagle Realty uses to display the look and feel
of the rooms they wish to display in a property sale. Not difficult to do and worth
the time to do it. The bed below was just a quick shot of a room that was visited.

A 360-degree tour of the room would lay out the lodging nicely to perspective patrons.



Take the time to enhance the web site's imagery - all shots displayed
here were shot in an impromptu manner and they are the minimum
quality the site should display....minimum.