LeRoy Jr. Varsity Football 2004
Coaching Staff

Head Coach Brad Dietsch
Asst Coach John King
Asst Coach Jeff Condidorio


LeRoy Jr. Varsity Football Roster 2004
#7 Travis Fenstermaker
#12 Shawn Mathews
#13 Ryan Clarke
#15 Alex DiFrancisco
#20 Ian Humphrey
#23 Craig Tiberio
#25 Chad Condidorio
#30 Tom Bestor
#31 Kory Cosimeno
#33 Brady Bonacquisti
#34 Greg Elmore
#36 Travis Hurd
#45 Jourdain Holly
#55 Jordan Kosiorek
#57 Chris Locke
#59 Mitch Freeman
#62 Jared Inouye
#63 Mike Miller
#64 Travis Pangrazio
#65 Tim Herron
#66 Evan Calmes
#70 Charlie Brandes
#72 Alex Kovach
#75 Jamie Storms
#81 Justin Becker
#83 Chris Starowitz
#85 Josh Risewick



LeRoy Jr. Varsity Results - 2004 Season

Game Recaps & Stats by Barney Mase

Game 8 - LeRoy 34  HFL 6

On October 21st the HFL JV team entered Hartwood Park sporting an unblemished 7-0 record. The Cougars were looking to complete an undefeated season, but the Knights had ideas of their own. Led by a stingy defense, that limited HFL to just 127 yards of total offense, 174 yds rushing by Ian Humphrey, and a 66 yd punt return by Chad Condidorio for a TD, the LeRoy squad would earn their 7th victory of the season, and end the Cougars unbeaten streak.

1st Quarter:
Craig Tiberio returns the opening kickoff 13 yds to the LeRoy 25. The Knights sets the tone by going 75 yds in 8 plays for the score. Chad Condidorio carries twice for 16 yds while Ian Humphrey rushes the ball 6 times for 59 yds, with the last 22 coming on a scoring run. The pass for the PAT fails and the hometown Knights lead 6-0.

HFL starts their first drive on their own 30. After 3 plays net only 7 yds, the Cougars go back to punt on 4th down, but a bad snap forces a pass attempt which falls incomplete. LeRoy takes over on the HFL 37. After picking up a 1st down, LeRoy faces a 4th-and-7 from the 22. An interception gives the Cougars the ball at their own 15 yd line.

HFL completes a 32 yd pass on 3rd down to keep a drive alive. Getting to the LeRoy 35 the defense comes up big, successfully stopping runs on 2nd and 3rd downs for no gain. Solo tackles were made by Chad Condidorio and Brady Bonacquisti. An incomplete pass on 4th turns the ball over to LeRoy on downs.

2nd Quarter:
The Knights take over on their 35. Humphrey promptly gains 12 on a run. On 3rd-and-7 Craig Tiberio makes a NFL diving 29 yd catch to keep the drive alive. Humphrey picks up 14 yds to the 7. Gaining only 2 yds on the next 3 plays, Humphrey darts 5 yds and gets just inside the pylons for the TD. Not wanting to take a breather, Ian runs in the PAT for a 14-0 LeRoy lead.

The LeRoy defense and special teams would now step up. HFL starts off on their own 35. On 3rd down Mike Miller throws the runner for a 6 yd loss bringing up an Cougar punt. Chad Condidorio fields the punt at the 34 and heads to the left. After some fine blocking, Chad reaches the end zone for the TD. The run for the PAT fails. LeRoy 20-0.

HFL gets their best drive start at their own 44. On 4th-and-one Humphrey stops the ball carrier for a 3 yd loss turning the ball over to the Knights on downs. Four straight runs of 19, 6, 3 and 10 by Humphrey takes the ball to the Cougar 12. With only 00:38 left in the half and facing 4th and 6 at the 8 yd line, LeRoy QB Alex DiFrancisco is flushed out of the pocket and tackled at the HFL 5, turning the ball over on downs. HFL takes a knee to end the 1st half.

3rd Quarter:
HFL starts the first drive of the 2nd half at their own 37. Picking up a 1st down, HFL is now facing a 4th-and-1 at the LeRoy 44. Craig Tiberio comes up big, stopping the runner for no gain and turning the ball over on downs. HFL has turned the ball over on downs on 4 out of 5 possessions at this point in the contest. Three plays later, LeRoy turns the ball over on a fumble. HFL takes over at midfield. On 3rd down, Kory Cosimeno drops the runner for a 5 yd loss. Following a penalty on HFL, Jamie Storms stops the QB after a 2 yd gain. Again, another HFL drive ends on downs.

LeRoy starts at the HFL 48. Runs by Cosimeno, Humphrey, and Condidorio pick up a 1st down. After a penalty, Humphrey picks up 12 yds on the next 2 plays, bringing up a 3rd-and-3. DiFrancisco executes a perfect play action pass and hits Tiberio in stride for a 31 yd TD pass. The run for the PAT fails. LeRoy 26, HFL 0.

On the kickoff the HFL returner fields the ball at the 27, breaks a couple of tackles, and returns the kickoff 77 yds for a fantastic TD. The run for the PAT fails and the Knights lead is cut to 26-6.

HFL tries an onsides kick, but Tiberio fields the ball. The Knights go 3-and-out and punt for the only time in the game. HFL takes over at their own 31 and runs one play as the quarter ends.

4th Quarter:
HFL picks up a 1st down, but 3 plays later Ryan Clarke is in the QB's face, forcing a rushed throw. Justin Becker intercepts the pass returning the ball 11 yds. A penalty at the end of the run pushes the start of the drive back to the LeRoy 19. Humphrey picks up 10 and 9 yds on back-to-back rushes and then leaves the game. Cosimeno becomes the feature back. Kory picks up 26 yds on 3rd down, taking the ball into opposition territory at the 28. On 4th-and-1, Kory gains 6 yds down to the Cougar 11. On 4th-and-6 from the 7, DiFrancisco scrambles into the end zone for the final LeRoy score. Travis Hurd runs the 3 yds for the PAT. In this drive LeRoy drove 81 yds in 17 plays, chewing 8:42 off the clock.

HFL receives the ensuing kickoff and runs 4 plays as the game ends. Final score reads LeRoy 34, HFL 6.


Rushing: Humphrey 27-164 yds/2 TDs, Cosimeno 11-62, Condidorio 11-42, DiFrancisco 5-11/TD,
Hurd 1-3/PAT

Passing: DiFrancisco 2 of 3 for 60 yds and 1 TD

Receiving: Tiberio 2-60 yds/TD

Tackles: DiFrancisco-8/5 solo, Bonacquisti-8/3 solo, Humphrey-6/3 solo, Clarke-6/2 solo, Condidorio-5/3 solo, Holly-5, Tiberio-4/3 solo, Miller-4, Becker-2/INT



Game 7 - LeRoy 36  Avon 7

On October 14th the LeRoy JVs traveled to Avon and came away with a decisive 36-7 victory running their record to 6-1. Again, Ian Humphrey came up with a stellar performance rushing for 149 yds on 31 attempts. Alex DiFrancisco threw for 118 yds and 2 TDs with Craig Tiberio and Justin Becker each catching one score. Brady Bonacquisti and Jourdain Holly led the defense with 6 tackles each. This win sets up a game with the undefeated HFL JVs next week.

1st Quarter:
LeRoy`s defense forces a 3-and-out by Avon on their opening drive. LeRoy takes over on their own 38. Following 3 straight runs by Ian Humphrey, Alex DiFrancisco hooks up with Craig Tiberio for a 53 yd scoring strike. Travis Fenstermaker kicks the extra point putting LeRoy up 7-0.

Avon takes over at midfield after a short kickoff. On the 5th play of the drive, Tiberio strips the ball from the runner and Chad Condidorio recovers the loose ball. LeRoy takes over at their own 21. After picking up a 1st down, LeRoy faces a 4th-and-8 going back to punt. A strong rush forces Fenstermaker to try and run for the first down, coming up short.

Avon takes over in LeRoy territory at the 37. On 1st down, Mike Miller and Greg Elmore tackle the Avon runner for a 3 yd loss. On 2nd, Humphrey tackles the runner for a one yard loss. Following an incomplete pass, LeRoy stuffs the Avon runner taking over on downs at their own 34.

2nd Quarter:
After picking up 4 first downs, the Knights gets to a 1st and goal on the 5. A QB sack and a offensive pass interference stalls the drive with LeRoy giving up the ball on downs at the 20.
Avon then goes to the air and on the 3rd play Justin Becker intercepts the pass returning the ball 23 yds to the Avon 17.

LeRoy runs Humphrey 3 straight plays bringing up a 4th-and-2 but suffers a false start backing up the offense 5 yds. DiFrancisco is then flushed out of the pocket coming up short for the 1st down. Again the offense has driven inside the Avon 10 to come up with zero points and give up the ball on downs.

Avon starts on their own 10. On 1st down, Condidorio drops the Avon runner for a 2 yd loss. Then on 3rd-and-9 Ryan Clarke deflects the pass at the line of scrimmage causing an incompletion. Avon punts the ball away.

With 2:33 left in the half LeRoy takes over at the Avon 47. On the 1st play, DiFrancisco scrambles 17 yds and then Avon gets a defensive pass interference on the very next play placing the ball at the 15. On 3rd-and-10 DiFrancisco hits Becker for the 15 yd TD. The extra point kick is blocked making it LeRoy 13, Avon 0.

Avon starts their final drive of the half at their own 48. After picking up 2 first downs, Condidorio intercepts the pass, returning the ball 50 yds as the half ends.

3rd Quarter:
LeRoy gets the football first in the 2nd half, starting at their own 39. Facing a 4th-and-2, Humphrey picks up 5 yds for a new set of downs. Four plays later, facing a 4th-and-3, DiFrancisco hits Becker for a 20 yd gain down to the 21. Two straight rushes by Humphrey pushes the ball to the 7 for a 1st-and-goal. The Avon defense would hold, forcing a field goal try. Fenstermaker splits the uprights for a 27 yard FG and 3 points. LeRoy 16-0.

Avon starts their first drive on their own 30. On 1st down, Greg Elmore races into the Braves backfield taking the ball out of the QB`s hand during the handoff and sprints 27 yds for the TD. Fenstermaker kicks the extra point. LeRoy 23-0.

After the kickoff, Avon would turn the ball over on downs. The JV Knights turn the ball over on downs in a forgettable series that included a penalty, QB sack, and a big rush on the punt that forces Fenstermaker to try and run for the 1st down.

Avon takes over at the LeRoy 32, but on 1st down Brady Bonacquisti drops the runner for a 4 yd loss. Ryan Clarke then pressures the QB into a bad throw. Following an incompletion on 3rd down, the Avon kicker trots out on the field for a 51 yd FG. The kick is just short, barely.
The Knights take over just as the quarter is about to end.

4th Quarter:
Ian Humphrey is the workhorse on this drive. After picking up 10 yds on the first play, Ian takes off on a 32 yd scamper. After 2 more 1st downs, the Knights are at the Braves' 11. Facing a 3rd and 15 from the 16, Humphrey runs for 13 yds and then the final 3 yds for the score. Fenstermaker kicks the extra point. LeRoy 30-0. In this 11-play drive Humphrey logs the ball 10 times for 79 yds.

Avon goes 3-and-out, but LeRoy gives the ball back on a fumble. The Jr. Knights get the ball right back as Jared Inouye recovers a fumble. On the very next play, Kory Cosimeno races 71 yds for the TD. Extra point is no good. LeRoy 36-0.

After an exchange of series, Avon gets one last series. The Braves score on a 32 yd pass play on the next to last play of the game. The kick is good. The final score is LeRoy 36, Avon 7.


Rushing: Humphrey 31-149 yds/TD, Cosimeno 2-79/TD, DiFrancisco 8-34, Condidorio 9-23,
Hurd 2-6

Passing: DiFrancisco 5 of 12 for 118 yds and 2 TDs

Receiving: Tiberio 3-79 yds/TD, Becker 2-35/TD, Condidorio 1-4

Tackles: Bonacquisti-6/4 solo, Holly-6/4 solo, Clarke-5/2 deflections, Miller-5, Condidorio-5/INT, Becker-4/INT, Tiberio-4/FF, Elmore-3/FF/FR, Risewick-2, Inouye-1/FR


Game 6 - LeRoy 25  Letchworth 12
On October 7th the LeRoy Jr. Knights hosted the Letchworth Indians coached by LeRoy graduate Tim "Sticks" McMullen. Last year the Knights won by a score of 28-6. Looking to start a new winning streak, QB Alex DiFrancisco showed fine passing form throwing for 122 yds and 3 TD passes. Receivers Craig Tiberio caught 2 while Justin Becker hauled in the other. Craig and Justin will make the varsity receivers an even more formidable position on the varsity level next year. For the second week in a row Ian Humphrey became the workhorse, rushing the ball 133 yds on 25 attempts, scoring a TD in the process. Brady Bonacquisti led the defense with 13 tackles and a sack while the pass defense was especially vicious separating the Letchworth receivers from the ball. All of this added up to a LeRoy 25-12 victory running the Knights' record to 5-1. Next up is a short road trip (finally) to Avon.

1st Quarter:
Receiving the kickoff, LeRoy's Justin Becker returns the ball 15 yds to the LeRoy 43. On 2nd down Ian Humphrey dashed 30 yds to the 25. Facing a 3rd and 11, Alex DiFrancisco dropped back to pass for the first time. A completion for 16 yds to Becker set up a 1st and goal at the 10. Following 2 running plays, DiFrancisco faced 3rd and goal at the 8 . Alex found WR Becker again for an 8 yd TD score. The pass for the PAT fell incomplete. LeRoy leads 6-0.

Letchworth`s first drive started at their own 36. After picking up a 1st down, Brady Bonacquisti sacked the Indians' QB for a 4 yd loss. Facing a 4th and 6, Craig Tiberio breaks up the pass giving LeRoy the football.

LeRoy starts at their own 30. On 3rd down with 11 yds to go, DiFrancisco completed a 34 yarder to Tiberio to keep the drive alive. Three straight running plays by Chad Condidorio brought a 4th and 1. Ian Humphrey ran 6 yds for the 1st down. Humphrey picked up another 4 yds as the 1st quarter ended. QB DiFrancisco had completed all 4 pass attempts for 60 yds and a TD.

2nd Quarter:
Following a run and an incompletion, LeRoy is left with a 4th and 4. No problem. DiFrancisco hit Tiberio for a 16 yd TD pass. The extra point was no good. LeRoy pushes their lead to 12-0. In this drive LeRoy converted on one 3rd and two 4th downs. Tiberio accounted for 50 of the 70 yds on the drive.

Travis Fenstermaker booted the kickoff to the 20 with the Letchworth runner returning the ball to the 35 tackled by Ryan Clarke and Mike Miller. The Indians' offense kicked into gear. Starting to find the holes, Letchworth runners pick up 3 1st downs to the LeRoy 19. On 2nd down the Letchworth runner finds the end zone from 17 yds out. The pass for the PAT failed cutting LeRoy`s lead in half, 12-6. The Indians' drive took nearly 5 minutes off the clock, giving their defense a breather.

Condidorio took the kickoff 25 yds into Letchworth territory to the 40. Letchworth`s defense then forced a 3-and-out, but Travis Fenstermaker pinned the visitors back at their own 12 with an excellent punt (he has done this numerous times during the season).

With 4:30 to go in the half Letchworth picks up two 1st downs, but then on 2nd down Bonacquisti and Cosimeno dropped the Letchworth runner for a 4 yard loss. Two plays later the Indians punt the ball away. On the last play of the half DiFrancisco hits Becker for a 17 yard pickup.

3rd Quarter:
LeRoy kicks off to start the 2nd half. Becker makes the tackle limiting the returner to only a 6 yd gain. Letchworth starts at their own 36. Getting only minimal yardage on 2 rushing attempts, Letchworth faced a 3rd and 8. Becker separated the ball from the receiver for the incomple-tion. The Indians punt the ball 20 yds out of bounds at the LeRoy 42.

Starting with good field position, LeRoy starts their first possession of the 2nd half. Going back to pass on 3rd down, DiFrancisco scrambled out of the pocket for 12 yds and the 1st down. Humphrey picks up 4 on 1st. A false start penalty on 2nd down pushed the Knights back 5. Then following an incompletion, LeRoy is looking at a 3rd and 11. Calmly, DiFrancisco hits Tiberio for the 19 yard gain. On the very next play the Knights fumbled away the ball.

The Indians took over at their 20. Two straight running plays garner a 1st down. Bonacquisti tackles the runner in the backfield for a 2 yard loss. Greg Elmore and Travis Fenstermaker stop the runner for no gain on the next play, bringing up 3rd and 12. The Letchworth QB hits the WR for 11 3/4 yds. With 4th and inches and momentum swinging back their way, Letchworth decides to go for it. The LeRoy defense rose to the occasion. Mike Miller penetrated the line, stopping the ballcarrier for no gain. Ball over on downs to the Knights.

LeRoy has the ball on their opponents' 40. Could they take advantage of this huge play and drive in for the score? Ian Humphrey lugs the ball 3 straight plays for a 1st down. Condidorio steps in for a 2-yarder before Humphrey scampers for a 22 yard gain to the 5. Letchworth`s defense stiffens, stopping Humphrey for no gain and sacking DiFrancisco for a 5 yard loss. Third and goal from the 10, DiFrancisco hits Tiberio for the TD pass. The run fails for the PAT. LeRoy increases their lead to 18-6.

On the kickoff Bonacquisti makes a fine special teams play, limiting the returner to only 2 yds. Letchworth puts the ball in play at their 27. On 3rd and 7 DiFrancisco tackles the runner for a one yard loss ending the quarter.

4th Quarter:
Faking the punt, Letchworth throws 10 yds for the 1st down. A pass and run notches another 1st down at the 49. A 2 yard gain pushes the ball into LeRoy territory. Another big play by the defense stops a Letchworth drive. Ryan Clarke races into the Indians' backfield, disrupting the handoff between the QB and RB, causing and recovering the fumble.

Starting at the Letchworth 48, LeRoy could not muster any offense going 3-and-out. Fenstermaker again pins the visitors deep in their end at the 16. Bonacquisti's smart play lets the ball roll for another 9 yds.

With 8:09 left Letchworth tries to start a drive. On 1st down a false start penalty backs the Indians up 5 yds. The runner gains back the 5, but on 2nd down, Clarke stops the ball carrier in his tracks for no gain. A 3rd down incompletion and Letchworth is forced to punt.

LeRoy gets the ball back at the Letchworth 42. Humphrey for 2, Condidorio picks up 2 and 4 leaving a 4th and 2. Humphrey runs the ball down to the 15 for a 19 yard pickup. Humphrey runs the next 3 plays finishing an 11 yard run to the corner for the TD. Fenstermaker kicks the extra point, LeRoy 25-6.

Letchworth starts the next drive at their 31 with 2:52 left in the game. On 1st, Fenstermaker drills the receiver, forcing the incompletion. On 2nd down, Elmore chases the QB out of the pocket to make a bad throw. Becker breaks up the pass on 3rd down, forcing the Indians to punt once more.

Fenstermaker returns the punt 15 yds to midfield. On 4th and 4, after 3 straight running plays, Travis Hurd rushes the ball for the first time this season. Not getting quite enough yardage, LeRoy turns the ball over on downs.

Letchworth shows no quit on this drive, beginning at their 44. Hitting a 42 yard pass play takes the Indians into LeRoy territory to the 14. Following an incompletion, the Letchworth QB fires a 14 yard strike for the TD. The pass for the PAT fails, leaving LeRoy ahead 25-12. Letchworth recovers the onside kick. Two incomplete passes ends the game.

Rushing: Humphrey 25-133 yds/TD, Condidorio 8-17, DiFrancisco 4-11, Fenstermaker 1-8

Passing: DiFrancisco 8 of 13 for 122 yds and 3 TDs.

Receiving: Tiberio 4-79 yds/2 TDs, Becker 4-43/TD

Tackles: Bonacquisti-13/SACK, Miller-7, Clarke-6/FR, Humphrey-6, Holly-6, Becker-5, Tiberio-4, DiFrancisco-3, Elmore-3


Game 5 - Hornell 40  LeRoy 6
On September 30th LeRoy traveled to Hornell for the third straight year. This game featured two unbeaten teams. LeRoy came into the contest missing two starters, Tom Bestor and Tim Herron. Both players are out for the season. The LeRoy squad played hard to the end, but lost to the talented Red Raiders 40-6.

1st Quarter:
Craig Tiberio received the opening kickoff and returned the football to the LeRoy 30. Ian Humphrey picked up 11 yds on 2nd down for a first down. Hornell held, forcing LeRoy to punt. A fine 18 yd return gave Hornell excellent field position at the LeRoy 44. Facing 4th and 4, the Hornell ballcarrier would streak outside 18 yds for the 1st down. Two plays later the Hornell QB ran in from the 17 for the touchdown. The extra point gave the home team the early 7-0 lead.

Starting their second drive from their own 26, LeRoy would incur two penalties during the series forcing another punt. A 19 yd punt return gave the Hornell squad the ball at the LeRoy 33. Facing 3rd and 12, the Hornell QB completed a 12-yarder for the 1st down. Two plays later Hornell goes back to the air for a 14 yd scoring strike. Extra point pushes the lead to 14-0 Hornell.

Justin Becker takes the kickoff 26 to the LeRoy 45 giving the Junior Knights their best drive start of the game. Three straight runs by Chad Condidorio picks up the 1st down.

2nd Quarter:
Hornell`s defense would then shut down the LeRoy offense forcing another punt. Travis Fenstermaker booms the punt into the end zone making the JV Red Raiders start from their own 20. Three plays later the Hornell runner sweeps left and 72 yds later finds the end zone. The extra point makes the score 21-0 Hornell.

Starting from their own 38, LeRoy goes three and out, punting the ball again. Brady Bonacquisti`s solo tackle drops the punt returner for a 2 yd loss. The LeRoy defense stopped the Hornell offense on 3 plays, forcing the first punt for the Red Raiders.

LeRoy starts the drive from their own 29. Ian Humphrey scampers 7 yds on 3rd down for the 1st down. On 1st down, LeRoy QB Alex DiFrancisco, under pressure, threw a pass that struck the Hornell defensive lineman in the back. A Hornell linebacker picked off the ball in mid-air, racing 41 yds for the TD. Extra point is no good giving Hornell a 27-0 lead.

One more series in the half results in a three and out for the Knights. Hornell takes a knee to end the half.

3rd Quarter:
On the opening kickoff, Kory Cosimeno makes the tackle after a 26 yd Hornell runback. After a 1st down, the LeRoy defense held Hornell on downs. Taking over at their own 26, Ian Humphrey picks up 11 yds on 1st down. Hornell then holds LeRoy on the next three plays, forcing a LeRoy punt. Facing a tremendous rush, Travis Fenstermaker is forced to run for the 1st down and comes up short.

Hornell starts their drive at the LeRoy 30. Six plays later the Hornell QB throws his second TD pass for 13 yds. Extra point pushes the lead to 34-0.

Starting from their own 40, Ian Humphrey becomes the LeRoy workhorse on this drive. After 3 straight running plays for a 1st down, Ian rips off a 29 yd gain down to the Hornell 19. On 4th down an incomplete pass turns the ball over on downs. Three plays later Hornell gets ready to punt as the quarter ends.

4th Quarter:
Craig Tiberio fields the punt, racing 35 yds to the Hornell 17 before being tackled. A roughing the passer on 3rd down would keep the drive alive, but on the very next down a LeRoy fumble turns the ball over.

Hornell takes over on the 3 and drives 97 yds in just 4 plays for the Red Raiders' final TD. The last 2 runs covered 59 and 21 yds. The run for the PAT fails and the Hornell lead is 40-0.

Here the pride of the Knights stood out. Craig Tiberio takes the kickoff 31 yds. Tack on another 15 yds for a personal foul and the Knights have excellent field position at the Hornell 37. Ian Humphrey gains 10 yds. Justin Becker then runs for 16 and 7 yds to the 4. Greg Elmore bulls his way into the end zone for the score. The pass for the PAT failed but the Jr. Knights avert the shutout, trailing 40-6.

After receiving the kickoff, Hornell picks up a couple of 1st downs to the 39. The Hornell runner darts around the right end racing for the TD, but Ryan Clarke makes the tackle at the 5, saving the TD. The LeRoy defense stiffens, holding the Red Raider offense on downs. Craig Tiberio immediately gains 41 yds. Justin Becker runs the ball 2 more times as the game ends. The Jr. Knights played hard to the very end. Next up are the Letchworth Indians as LeRoy starts a new winning streak.

Rushing: Humphrey 18-90 yds, Tiberio 2-43, Becker 4-28, Condidorio 10-20, Elmore 1-4/TD

Passing: DiFrancisco 2 of 9 for 4 yds. Completions to Condidorio and Becker.

Tackles: Elmore-8, Bonacquisti-7, Humphrey-6, DiFrancisco-5, Clarke-5, Starowitz-4, Tiberio-4

Return Yardage: Tiberio-79 yds (3 kickoffs/1 punt), Becker-26 (1 kickoff), Humphrey-15 (1 kickoff)



Game 4 - LeRoy 9  Caledonia-Mumford 6

After the LeRoy Varsity`s big win over Cal-Mum last week the JVs were looking to make it a clean sweep on Thursday. Weather was perfect for the 5:30 start. This game would be a drastic change from the previous week's clash against Wayland-Cohocton. In the W-C game the LeRoy offense generated 336 yds with the total offense totaling 603 yds for both teams. Against Cal-Mum, BOTH teams would generate less than 100 yds of total offense (LeRoy 81/CM 93). This game would hinge on big plays,field position, and the third squad of football teams: SPECIAL TEAMS.

1st Quarter:
LeRoy would kick off first. After a 25 yd return, C-M started at their own 44. After a 2 yd gain, Brady Bonacquisti made his presence felt by dropping C-M ballcarriers for losses on the next 2 downs (solos for -12 yds), forcing a punt that traveled 25 yds out of bounds.

LeRoy took over on their own 41. Facing a 4th and 1 at midfield, Tom Bestor picks up 4 yds for the 1st down. The C-M defense would then stiffen. After stopping Bestor for a 3 yd loss, the C-M defense sacked Alex DiFrancisco on consecutive passing downs (-11 yds) to force a LeRoy punt.
C-M took over at their 36. Facing a 3rd and 3, C-M ballcarrier Quentin Marozzi picked up 4 yds for the 1st down. On 2nd and 10, Justin Becker dropped the C-M ballcarrier for a 7 yd loss. After a running play on 3rd down, C-M punts. Chad Condidorio returned the punt for 8 yds.
LeRoy took over at their 33. On 2nd and 8, Condidorio picked up 11 yds for a 1st down. On the next play, LeRoy would fumble the ball away. That play concluded the 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter:
C-M takes over on the LeRoy 43, the first time C-M was in LeRoy territory. After 5 straight running plays net 2 first downs, C-M reaches the LeRoy 19. On 1st down Alex DiFrancisco and Greg Elmore stop the C-M runner for no gain. On 2nd down Craig Tiberio limits the runner for but a 2 yd gain. On 3rd, the C-M pass falls incomplete. On 4th and 8 from the LeRoy 17, C-M tries a halfback option. Chad Condidorio makes a last second breakup to prevent a C-M score.

LeRoy takes over at their 17. After picking up 8 yds on 3 straight running plays LeRoy faces a 4th and 2. On a mistaken call, LeRoy tries to go for it picking up only 1 yd ending the series on downs.
C-M takes over at the LeRoy 26 with 6:12 left in the half. On 3rd and 2, C-M uses a QB sneak (or quickcount?) for a 3 yd pickup for a 1st down. Again on 1st down, the C-M QB quickcount picks up 4 yds. Quentin Marozzi picks up 5 yds leaving a 3rd and 1 for C-M from the 6. Again the C-M QB Justin McCombs) goes right up the middle for 5 yds. On 1st and goal from the one, Tim Sullivan goes in for the Raider TD. The PAT run is stopped by Tom Bestor, a very BIG play. The drive for the C-M TD covered 26 yds in 7 plays using 2:57 off the clock.

After the kickoff, LeRoy takes over at their 35. After a 2 yd pickup, C-M drops LeRoy for a 5 yd loss on a running play. After a LeRoy penalty, QB Alex DiFrancisco is sacked for the third time of the game leaving a 4th and 19 for the Jr. Knights. LeRoy punts the ball and C-M returns for 9 yds. C-M starts at the LeRoy 42 with 1:13 left in the 1st half. After a 2 yd pass play, Ian Humphrey drops the C-M ballcarrier for a 2 yd loss. C-M then runs out the half with two straight running plays.

At the half for offense:CM-55, LeRoy-14. For the entire 2nd quarter C-M was in LeRoy territory. C-M would never enter LeRoy territory for the rest of the game.

3rd Quarter:
On the opening kickoff of the 2nd half, Ian Humphrey takes it 36 yds to the C-M 49. Tom Bestor promptly rips off gains of 9 and 6 yds for a 1st down. The penalty bugaboo would strike again with a false start on 1st down. Alex DiFrancisco hits receiver Craig Tiberio with a 10 yd pass play. On 2nd down, the JV Knights fumble and lose 7 yds on the play. After a 1 yd gain on 3rd, LeRoy would is faced with a 4th and 11. The punt team came onto the field. Travis Fenstermaker nails a beautiful punt to the C-M 4 which Brady Bonacquisti downs at the one. Special teams makes a big play.

C-M gains 2 yds on 1st down. On 2nd down, Mike Miller tackles the C-M runner in the end zone for a safety. With the score now 6-2 Raiders, C-M kicks off from the 20. Another excellent return from Ian Humphrey for 30 yds gives LeRoy field position at the CM 34. By this time Tom Bestor had suffered an injury and would not return for the rest of the game. The bulk of the running game would rest with Chad Condidorio, Ian Humphrey, and Alex DiFrancisco. After 3 straight running plays LeRoy faces a 4th and 1. DiFrancisco sneaks for the yard to get the 1st down. Again after 3 straight running plays, LeRoy faces a 4th and 1. This time the CM defense would rise to the occasion, stopping LeRoy for no gain and turning the ball over on downs.

C-M takes over at the 15 with 3:56 left in the quarter. On 3rd and 2, the C-M QB runs 3 yds for the first down at the 26. After picking up 7 yds on 2 running plays, C-M incurs a false start penalty on 3rd down. Now facing 3rd and 8, LeRoy's DiFrancisco sacks the Raider QB for a 6 yard loss, forcing a punt. The quarter ends wit the Raiders up 6-2 on the scoreboard.

4th Quarter:
Beginning the 4th quarter, the C-M punt on 4th down is blocked by LeRoy's Brady Bonacquisti, who blows through the line for the key play of the game. The C-M RB picks up the loose football, but is tackled by Craig Tiberio
LeRoy begins their drive at the C-M 7. Ian Humphrey picks up 2 yds on 1st down. Chad Condidorio would then take it in from 5 yds out for the game clinching TD. Travis Fenstermaker kicks the extra point to give LeRoy the lead for the first time, 9-6.

On the kickoff, Fenstermaker squib-kicks the ball for 43 yds and all C-M could do is fall on the ball. Another fine special teams play. C-M starts at their own 17. On 1st down Bonacquisti and Tim Herron stuff the C-M runner for a 1 yd loss. After a 3 yd run and incomplete pass, C-M is forced to punt.

LeRoy takes over on the C-M 48 with 9:30 left in the game. Ian Humphrey picks up 3 yds, followed by Chad Condidorio gains of 2 and 5 yds for a LeRoy 1st down. The Jr. Knights picked up 0 yds over the next 3 downs leaving a 4th and 10. Fenstermaker would punt the ball out of bounds at the 15, pinning C-M deep in their territory once again. Another fine special teams play.

C-M starts at their own 15 with 5:14 left in the game. After no gain on 1st down, the Raiders complete a 7 yd pass. On 3rd the C-M runner picks up 10 yds for a 1st down out to the 32.
C-M then gains 4 yds on a run. On 2nd, the C-M pass falls incomplete. C-M then gains 4 yds on a run leaving 4th and 2. Alex DiFrancisco breaks up the 4th down pass giving LeRoy the ball on downs.

LeRoy takes over at the CM 40 with 2:26 left in the game. All LeRoy needs is one 1st down to run out the game clock. Back to back Condidorio runs of 2 yds and 10 yds accomplished the goal at hand and the hosts kneeled down to a 9-6 over their nearby rivals. Final score is LeRoy 9, C-M 6.


Rushing: Condidorio 13-53 yds/TD, Bestor 13-17, Humphrey 4-7, Elmore 2-1

Passing: DiFrancisco 1 of 1 for 10 yds - completion to Craig Tiberio

Tackles: Elmore-8, Condidorio-8, Bonacquisti-7/BLOCKED PUNT, DiFrancisco-6/SACK, Miller-6/Tackle for SAFETY, Becker-6, Tiberio-6, Humphrey-5

NOTES: Ian Humphrey had 66 yds on 2 kickoff returns. Travis Fenstermaker punted 4X, twice pinning C-M (at the one and at the 15). Travis also booted a 43 yd kickoff that was not returned (downed).

RB Tom Bestor broke his ankle in the game and will be lost for the remainder of the season.
Tom gained 432 yds on 79 rushes for a 5.5 yd rushing average. He scored 5 TDs and added one PAT run for 32 points. His longest run measured 48 yds. He was also a stalwart on defense. Needless to say, Tom will be sorely missed.


Game 3 - LeRoy 21  Wayland-Cohocton 15

In the hills of Cohocton on September 16th, the LeRoy JV Knights defeated Wayland-Cohocton 21-15 moving their record to 3-0. The 1st quarter saw Way-Co jump out to a 15-7 lead running 23 plays to just 4 for the Knights! But alas the Eagles would not score for the rest of the game. The Knights notched a TD in the 2nd quarter and stopped the hosts for the first time in the game with a Chad Condidorio interception. The LeRoy offense marched in for the go ahead TD before the half to realize 21-15 they would not relinquish. The defense stopped W-C on a 4th and 2 on the LeRoy 33 late in the final quarter with a Brady Bonacquisti sack to preserve the road win.

1st Quarter:
Way-Co starts at their own 30, driving 70 yds in 11 plays for the TD using 5:16 off the clock. Key plays: after picking up two 1st downs, the W-C ball carrier runs 41 yds down to the LeRoy 4. On 4th and one, W-C carrier takes it in for the score and a W-C 7-0 lead after the PAT kick.

LeRoy starts at their 31 and required just one play to score their first TD. Greg Elmore runs it 69 yds for the TD. Travis Fenstermaker kicks the PAT. Tied score at 7.

W-C starts at their 37. This drive covers 63 yds in 12 plays using 4:33 off the clock. Key plays are 3rd and 15 from their own 46, there is an Eagle pass reception for 20 yds for the 1st down. Immediately following is an 11 yd reception. After a 4 yd run loss, another completion of 18 yds takes the ball to the 9 making it first goal for W-C. On 3rd down, the Eagles complete a 9 yd TD pass. On the PAT, the W-C QB fakes the kick and runs it in for the 2-pointer. W-C 15-7.

LeRoy starts at their 31. After 3 plays picking up a 1st down, the 1st quarter ends. Again to point out, W-C has run 23 plays to just 4 for LeRoy.

2nd Quarter:
Continuing this drive LeRoy would score in 10 plays, covering 69 yds using 3:54 off the clock. Key plays are Tom Bestor picking up a first down with 6 and 10 yd runs. Bestor would run it in 20 yds for the score. Bestor was a workhorse on this drive, lugging the ball 7 times for 54 yds. The run for the PAT would fail making it W-C 15-13.

W-C would start at their 25. After picking up run gains of 7 and 9 yds, the Eagles would go back to the air. Mistake. Chad Condidorio intercepts and returns it 24 yds to the W-C 45. The JV Knights had finally stopped the W-C offense.

LeRoy drives 45 yds in 7 plays, using 3:19 off the clock. The drive would start with Tom Bestor and Chad Condidorio ripping off gains of 16 and 11 yds to the 18. After another 1st down, Alex DiFrancisco would take it one yard for the TD. Tom Bestor runs in the PAT for a 21-15 LeRoy lead.

After holding the W-C offense on downs, LeRoy would take over on their opponent's 45, but would promptly fumble the ball away. W-C takes over on the LeRoy 47 with 29 seconds left in the 1st half. After a pass completion for a 1st down to the LeRoy 34, Travis Fenstermaker would snuff out the drive with an interception, returning it 15 yds. LeRoy would take a knee to end the half.

3rd Quarter:
LeRoy starts at their own 41. After a 1st down, Tom Bestor picks up 6 yds on 4th down to keep the LeRoy drive alive. Then on 3rd and 9, Alex DiFrancisco completes a 15-yarder to Craig Tiberio to the 14. Two successive penalties would kill the drive at the W-C 7.

W-C takes over at the 7 with 5:09 left in the 3rd quarter. After 3 first downs take the ball to the W-C 48, the LeRoy defense stiffens. On 2nd and 3rd downs LeRoy would record QB sacks by Chad Condidorio and Brady Bonacquisti to force the Eagles to punt starting the 4th quarter.

4th Quarter:
After the W-C punt, LeRoy takes over at their 24. On 3rd and 1 the W-C defense jumps offsides for a LeRoy 1st down. The LeRoy offense would incur 2 penalties on the next set of downs, but would still pick up a 1st down on Tom Bestor's 6 yd gain on 4th down. Chad Condidorio responds with a 12 yard rushing gain. After another LeRoy 1st down, Bestor picks up 7 yds to the W-C 13. LeRoy would then fumble the ball away at the 5.

W-C takes over with 5:02 left in the game. A 21 yd pass play completion moves the ball to the 26. On 4th and 3 the W-C QB completes a 13 yd pass for a 1st down at the W-C 46. Two consecutive running plays would pick up another 1st down at the LeRoy 41. On 1st down Alex DiFrancisco and Travis Fenstermaker limit the W-C receiver to only a 5 yd gain. On 2nd down Greg Elmore stuffs the W-C runner for no gain. On 3rd down Chad Condidorio limits the W-C QB to a mere 3 yd gain after scrambling out of the pocket bringing up 4th and 2 with 1:13 left. Brady Bonacquisti and Mike Miller sack the Eagles' QB for a 7 yd loss to end the drive. LeRoy earns the tough victory by a 21-15 margin.


Rushing: Bestor 24-144 yds/TD/PAT, Elmore 3-76/TD, Condidorio 7-45, DiFrancisco 7-27/TD, Humphrey 1-16

Passing: DiFrancisco 2 of 3 for 28 yds

Receiving: Tiberio 1-15, Condidorio 1-13

Tackles: Bonacquisti-8/2 SACKS, DiFrancisco-8/SACK, Condidorio-9/INT, Elmore-7, Humphrey-6/SACK, Fenstermaker-3/INT, Miller-2/SACK



Game 2 - LeRoy 21  Livonia 0

Due to the remnants of Hurricane Frances passing through on Thursday, the LeRoy JV home football season started on Saturday morning. The Knights pulled out a hard fought 21-0 victory that was not decided until the 4th period. Tom Bestor, for the second straight week, went over the 100 yd rushing mark. Tom finished with 162 yds on 21 carries. He showed great stamina picking up 94 yds in the 4th quarter ripping off runs of 48 and 44 yds. The defense came up big limiting Livonia to 165 total yds. The defense was led by LB Greg Elmore with 12 tackles.

1st Quarter:
After receiving the opening kickoff the LeRoy offense goes 3 and out and punts the ball. On 3rd and 6 for the Bulldogs, LeRoy's Ian Humphrey strips the ball from the ball carrier with Mike Miller recovering the loose ball.

LeRoy starts off at the Livonia 47. Jr. Knights pick up 2 first downs converting on 3rd down both times. First was Chad Condidorio picking up 4 yds rushing and then Alex DiFrancisco to Brady Bonacquisti for 8 yds passing, but the drive ends on downs at the 16.

Livonia goes 3 and out, punting the ball again giving LeRoy excellent field position at the Bulldog 43.
The LeRoy offense can not manage a 1st down. LeRoy was going to go for it on 4th and 2, but a false start nullified that opportunity. A fine 34 yd punt by Travis Fenstermaker pins the Bulldogs at their 7. On 1st down the Bulldogs go to the air for a 37 yd gain.

2nd Quarter:
Livonia can not manage another 1st down. The Bulldogs' punter fumbles the snap with and Tim Herron recovers the ball at the Bulldog 46. With 10:37 left in the 2nd quarter, LeRoy again has good field position. They promptly pick up two 1st downs with Tom Bestor gaining 25 yds on 4 carries. The LeRoy offense picks up 2 false start penalties and the drive ends on downs at the 14.

The Bulldogs go 3 and out and punt. Chad Condidorio makes a nice 10 yd gain, but there is another penalty on the return pushing the drive start back to the LeRoy 40. After picking up a 1st down rushing, LeRoy calls a timeout on the Livonia 41. On the next play Alex DiFrancisco pulls off a nice play action fake and hits Craig Tiberio in stride for a 41 yd TD pass. Travis Fenstermaker kicks the extra point for a LeRoy 7-0 lead.

Livonia starts off at their own 40. QB goes end around for 23 yds. There is 1:30 left in the 1st half. The Bulldog fullback goes up the middle for 12 yds, but when Craig Tiberio makes the tackle he causes a fumble and Ian Humphrey recovers the ball. LeRoy runs out the clock and leads 7-zip at the half.

3rd Quarter:
Livonia receives the opening kickoff for the 2nd half, starting their drive at their own 40. They go 3 and out, but a good 45 yd punt pins LeRoy at their own 8. LeRoy goes 3 and out (another false start penalty kills the drive), punting the ball.

Livonia starts their drive in excellent field position at the LeRoy 33. On 4th and 2 the QB fumbles the ball with Greg Elmore recovering, ending the drive. With 4:48 left in the 3rd, LeRoy starts at their 27. On 1st down a mixup between the QB and RB results in a 5 yd loss hurting the drive.
LeRoy goes 3 and out, punting the ball.

Livonia starts off in good field position at the LeRoy 46. After picking up a 1st down, the Knights' defense stiffened. On the next two running plays LeRoy allowed zero yds. Brady Bonacquisti and Tim Herron assisted on the first play with Chris Starowitz making a solo on the second. On 3rd and 10 the Livonia pass is incomplete. Bulldogs again punt, pinning LeRoy at their own 12. On 1st down Alex DiFrancisco passes to Craig Tiberio for a 10 yd completion. End of quarter.

4th Quarter:
After a 3 yd run by Chad Condidorio, Tom Bestor rips off a 48 yd run taking the ball down to the Bulldog 27. Bestor picks up 2 then Condidorio goes for 24 yds taking the ball to the one. Alex DiFrancisco takes it in for the TD. Travis Fenstermaker kicks the extra point for a LeRoy 14-0 lead. The drive covered 88 yds on 6 plays in 2:34.

After the LeRoy kickoff, Livonia starts at their own 37 with 9:56 left in the 4th. After an incomplete pass on 1st down the Bulldogs try running the ball on the next two downs gaining only 5 yds. Greg Elmore makes solo tackles on both plays. Livonia punts the ball.

LeRoy starts their drive on their own 37 with 7:59 left. This time LeRoy is able to overcome a false start penalty with Chad Condidorio picking up 7 yds on 3rd down to keep the drive alive. After two straight running plays, Tom Bestor takes the handoff up the middle, bounces off several Bulldog defenders, and streaks down the left sideline for the TD. Travis Fenstermaker kicks the extra point for a LeRoy 21-0 lead. Drive covered 63 yds in 7 plays consuming 3:34 off the clock.

LeRoy kicks off with Livonia starting at their own 40 with 4:25 left. Bulldogs pick up 2 first downs running out the clock. LeRoy showed great character in the 3rd quarter, not buckling under the pressure. The JV Knights take the game with a 21-0 final over the Bulldogs.


Rushing: Bestor 21-162 yds/TD, Condidorio 10-65, Humphrey 5-22, DiFrancisco 5-7/TD,
Elmore 2-7

Passing: DiFrancisco 6 of 7 for 68 yds and a TD

Receiving: Tiberio 2-51 yds/TD, Condidorio 2-8, Bonacquisti 1-8, Elmore 1-1

Tackles: Elmore-12/FR, Condidorio-9, Bonacquisti-7, Humphrey-5/FF/FR, Tiberio-4/FF, Miller and
Herron each recovered a fumble



Game 1 - LeRoy 38  Bath 8

LeRoy receives the opening kickoff, starting at their own 44. Drive covers 56 yds in 7 plays. Key plays are Alex DiFrancisco running for 11 and 16 yds on successive plays bringing the ball to the 6. Tom Bestor runs in for the TD. The pass fails for the PAT. LeRoy 6-0.

On Bath's 2nd play there is a fumble and Ian Humphrey recovers.

LeRoy starts at the Bath 29. Drive covers 8 plays. Key plays are 3rd and 10 from the 17 Chad Condidorio picks up 9 yds on a run. Alex DiFrancisco then gets 2 yds on a QB sneak for a 1st down. Tom Bestor takes it in 6 yds for the TD. Run fails for PAT.

Bath goes three and out and punts.

LeRoy starts at their own 46. Drive covers 54 yds on 5 plays. Key plays are Tom Bestor's 26 yd run to the 16. On third down Alex DiFrancisco runs 11 yds for the TD. Chad Condidorio runs in the PAT. LeRoy 20-0. This is still the 1st quarter.

LeRoy kicks off. On 1st down Bath fumbles and Alex Kovach recovers. Five plays later LeRoy fumbles the ball back to Bath. We are in the 2nd quarter at this time. Four plays later Chad Cond. has an interception. Five plays later LeRoy gives the ball up on downs.

On 1st down Ian Humphrey intercepts pass and returns it 19 yds to the Bath 15. Drive covers 3 plays. Key plays: 2nd down Alex DiFrancisco runs 13 yds to the one. Tom Bestor runs one yd for the TD. Run fails for the PAT. LeRoy 26-0.

After a Bath then LeRoy series, Bath gets the ball back right before halftime. From their 47 with 2 seconds left, Bath QB goes deep and Craig Tiberio intercepts. With several nice blocks Craig goes 86 yds for the TD. The run for PAT fails. LeRoy 32-0 at halftime.

Bath has the ball first in the 2nd half. On 1st down #31 Kory Cosimeno causes a fumble and Jourdain Holly recovers.

After a LeRoy turnover, Bath takes over at their 44. Drive takes 5 plays culminating with a 21 yd run. The pass for the PAT is good. LeRoy 32-8.

On next LeRoy series Ian Humphrey rips off a 30 yd run, but LeRoy gives the ball up on downs.

After several change of possessions deep into the 4th period LeRoy starts at their own 40. Drive covers 60 yds on 5 plays. Key plays: Ian Humphrey 30 yd run to the one. Greg Elmore bulls in for the TD. Kick for the PAT fails. Final score was LeRoy 38, Bath 8.


Rushing: Bestor 21-109 yds/3 TDs, Humphrey 7-81, DiFrancisco 8-59/TD, Condidorio 10-47 & PAT, Tiberio 4-16, Elmore 3-2/TD

Passing: DiFrancisco 1 of 3 for 10 yds - completion to Condidorio

Tackles: Humphrey-8/FR/INT, Bonacquisti-6, Elmore-4/SACK, Holly-5/2 FR, Condidorio-3/INT, Tiberio-2/86 yd INT for TD, Kovach-FR