Cal-Mum Raiders 2000
Champions are not born, they're made!

When you talk about Cal-Mum football you are talking about a football program steeped in tradition and championships. History points to the Raiders' gridiron program as one of the all-time best small school programs in the state of New York. Blessed with talented players and coaches, and backed by a community that literally "shuts down" on Friday evenings in the fall to support their beloved team, the Raiders also have another ingredient in their favor. Hard work. That's right, it's not something in the drinking water. Nor is it all due to genetics. The Raiders pound the weights....religiously....all year round. Other teams have talented players. The years have shown that not as many teams have players with the size, strength, and stamina of the Cal-Mum Red Raiders. They lift at home. They lift at school. They lift in garages all over town. One facility that I recently visited where a good number of future Cal-Mum stars lift is the Circle Fitness Club, located on 3163 State St. in the heart of Caledonia. Owners Jamie and Juleen Parry have a top-notch facility with traditional and state-of-the-art equipment available not only to football players, but to the whole community. Take a look at the Circle Fitness web page at

Having a great facility is one thing. Having someone to instruct youth on how to maximize the results of their lifting program is another. Enter Mark Cocking. The Bergen resident and employee of Heidelberg Digital in Gates, NY is an avid weight trainer with the "pipes" to prove it. Mark has quite the appetite for weight training and its benefits. He is constantly reading fitness magazines for information concerning the latest techniques, programs, and supplementation (legal and natural ones!). His exploits on the softball diamond, hockey ice, and even the golf links are legendary and all made possible by striving for the next level in fitness. Recently Mark took on the task of helping his nephew Dan Griffin prepare for the upcoming football season at Cal-Mum. Dan, also a heavyweight on the Raiders' championship wrestling squad, was already big when he started training with "Uncle Mark". Now he is big AND strong due to some tough Cocking sessions endured over the past 4 months at Circle Fitness.

Since Dan began just 4 months ago he has added some significant numbers to his fitness portfolio. He has put on 20 lbs. to now tilt the scales at 230. His bench numbers have increased from a mere 185 to a stellar 275 lbs. 300 is not far off for this disciplined athlete. Squats are important to linemen and Dan has moved his numbers well over 300 lbs. which will undoubtedly aid his play this year at both offensive and defensive tackle.
Mark explains that Dan and the legion of players that have dedicated themselves to training at Circle Fitness work out each week day concentrating on one body part. The weekends are for recovery for those blasted chests, backs, legs, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.
With 2-a-day practices just around the corner, you will find many young Raiders taking to the countryside roads to put in 3-4 miles of running as well.

So when you attend a Cal-Mum JV or Varsity football game this season and you notice names like Griffin, King, Ottman, Grattan, Collins, Skivington, Hartford, and Esposito being mentioned over and over on the PA system, you'll have a better understanding why. These young men have worked hard in a great facility (Circle Fitness), led by a great trainer (Mark Cocking) to put their names in the newspapers and record books in contributing to what is a great football program - the dominant Raiders of Caledonia-Mumford.