Wednesday Night Shadow Lake Golf League 2008

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League Rules

All play will be governed by the Official Rules of Golf as published by the USGA except as noted below in the league's local rules.

Local Rules:

1. Out of  bounds -  You must take a two stroke penalty at the point where the ball went out of bounds unless a provisional ball has been played.  If a provisional ball has been played then a normal stroke and distance penalty applies. This option should be used whenever there is even a slight chance your ball went OB. The 2-stroke penalty will hopefully speed play and prevent the need for someone to return to the point where the previous shot was hit and hit again.

2. Lost ball or unplayable lie in the woods
- This is also normally a stroke and
distance penalty and is probably the single biggest rule contributing to slow play.  As in years past the league rule for this situation will allow a ball to be dropped as near to the point where the ball was lost or dropped laterally from the point where the ball is in the woods or underbrush with a one stroke penalty. This rule is applicable anywhere on the course as long as it is not marked as out of bounds. A provisional  ball can still be played using the stroke and distance penalty (you'll lie three) if you think your next shot will put  you in better shape than taking the drop and one stroke.

The drop procedure for a ball in the woods will be defined as follows:  from the point where the ball is in the woods move laterally to the nearest point of relief (the point where you have an unobstructed swing). From this point  you must drop within two club lengths.  This drop procedure only applies to balls lost in the woods.

3.  All water on the course should be played as a lateral water hazard. This
provides the option for a drop on either side of the water hazard and especially on holes 6 and 7 (Shadow Lake) may offer the best relief.

4. The swale on hole 1, 2 and 4  (Shadow Lake) should be considered "casual water". This permits relief and normally requires finding the ball to determine where to drop. However, in the Spring when water is deep, the ball does not need to be found but should be dropped as close to where you think it entered the swale. This will hopefully reduce time spent looking for balls.

5. The culvert for the swales on 1, 2 and 4 (Shadow Lake)  will provide one club
length relief without penalty if your stance or swing are inhibited.

6. Any staked tree or a tree of less than two club lengths in height will also provide one club length relief without penalty.

7. Ground under repair can be invoked with the permission of an opposing team member. One club length relief without penalty is provided.

8. We will use "Winter Rules" in your own fairway.

9. Embedded balls anywhere on the course except a hazard may be removed cleaned and placed.

Match Scoring:

Matches are scored using a 13-point system. Each hole is worth one point and there are 4 points awarded based on individual net scores. Each team totals their handicaps and the difference in team handicaps is used to give strokes on the appropriate handicap holes. Each team totals their gross score on a hole minus any handicap differential and the team with the low total is awarded the point for that hole. Ties result in each team getting ˝ point.  Total points are awarded by comparing individual net scores. Each player compares his net score against each opponent’s net score with 1 point awarded for low net score. Ties result in each player getting ˝ point.

If one player does not show and does not get a sub he forfeits his total points (2 points). The remaining points are determined by doubling is partner’s score on each hole and following the procedure above.

Weekly Prizes:

- Low individual net score is awarded one golf ball.
Closest to the pin each par three is awarded one golf ball


Handicaps are calculated using the USGA 9-hole handicap system. The league maintains handicaps for players and subs. New subs will be allowed to use valid USGA handicaps if they have one. In all other cases the league will calculate the player handicap using the USGA method.

Rain Outs:

In the event of rain, a decision to play will be made at the golf course before the 1st tee time. Players are asked to show up and not assume play has been canceled before that time.


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